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C-Level Communication Workshop

2 Open Spots Remain!

We all know that effective communication within leadership is one of the most important drivers to company-wide success. The Emerge team invests in workshops and technology to operate at our best; so sharing our success and experience with others only made sense!

Breakfast (or Lunch if your group requires a different time) group workshop at Emerge headquarters to learn key principles and practices of connecting with others for better communication facilitated by Coach and Leadership Trainer Chris McClure. Training is based on John Maxwell’s book “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.” And will be a participatory/interactive session where the attendees will be able to learn and practice during the workshop.

In conjunction with the workshop, an interactive demonstration of Cisco WebEx Teams technology and how the Emerge team benefits daily from the technology. Reviewing how their team can stay connected between meetings with virtual meeting spaces, messaging, file sharing, whiteboards, and even video calling. See how this technology improves communication and culture by bringing everyone and everything together in one simple-to-use, secure space.

Follow this link to email me to register your team. Select a date that your team can attend together (multiple available, but we will cap out at 4 workshops) and I will be in touch to coordinate the time that will be best for your executive team, details to customize the workshop to your group and begin catering orders from the Thunderdome Restaurant Group.



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