Desktop Virtualization


Access to data without a specific hardware device.

Managing employee desktops and laptops can become a huge hassle when keeping upgrades to date for applications. Desktop Virtualization can combat this issue while also helping to increase security by allowing management to lock down business related applications. This is created by the use of a virtual machine that would include an operating system, any useful applications as well as any drivers that employees would need.

Basically, desktop virtualization allows end users to access all of their data and applications without being tied down to a specific hardware device.

One of the greatest benefits of desktop virtualization is that it gives administrators a centralized way to manage each computer or laptop. This type of virtualization will allow for significant time savings when setting up new employee computers or laptops. The appropriate drivers will already be installed on the virtual desktop creating an easy transition.

Emerge offers both server-hosted desktop virtualization as well as client-hosted desktop virtualization. Both solutions offer an array of benefits.

When it comes to your business, you want to push it forward with the latest technology. Virtualization can help your business along this path, and Emerge has the resources your business needs to accomplish this goal. For more information, give us a call at 859-746-1030.

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